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Thursday, December 6, 2012

ORCHA “ The Hidden place” (Madhyapradesh)

ORCHA “ The Hidden place” (Madhyapradesh)

Orcha is a city having its origin during the medieval times of 16th Centaury built by Bundela rulers and has many old timed palaces and temples reflecting grand old beauty, which existed in those times. The City was built by a Rajput leader Rudra Pratap Singh. He chose Orcha city as the capital, because it was on the Banks of Betwa river.The meaning of the name Orcha is “Hidden Place”

Places to watch :

Paramour Memorial:     In those times a poetess and musician, Rai Praveen was extremely beautiful paramour of Raja Indramani  during the period 1672-76. She went to Delhi on the summons of Emperor Akbar, who also deeply impressed by her. She impressed upon Emperor her love for Indramani and the Emperor sent her back to Orcha. The Rai Praveen Mahal palace built as a memorial in her name.
Chaturbhuj Temple: constructed on a huge stone platform, from where there are very high steps converging into the temple shape. The temple was supposed to have Idol of lord Ram.
Ram Raja Mandir ; There are high tapering structures built at the temple site and it is one of the finest temples in India and Ram is worshipped as a king.
How to reach Orcha :
From Howrah : Chambal Express will take 21-22 hrs to Jhansi.(U.P)…From Jhansi Orcha city is 17 Kilometers only by bus…Hired car facility also available from Jhansi to Orcha.
Where to stay in Orcha :
A good nos of private hotels available here. One can also try Cottage of Madhyapradesh Tourism .

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