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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mungpoo…North Bengal – (part II continuing)

GAJOLDOBA Gajoldoba is such a fen-land  which is a heaven for vagrant and exceptional species of birds. Hundreds of various species of birds migrate from other parts of India in congregate. Gajoldoba is mainly a barrage constructed over Teesta river. This place being a busy business hub and an important corridor of Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and other North-Eastern states, is situated just 25 Km away from Siliguri.

Bar Headed Goose


Gulma is famous for its tea garden. Due to an awesome scenic view of this Tea Estate and its surroundings, it can be a must visited place by the nature lovers.

Gulma Tea Estate

MUMGPOO :  This hilly top is a place engulfed with remembrance of Kaviguru Rabindra Nath Tagore. It is about 33 km away from Darjeeling and 52 km away from Siliguri. Commercially Mungpoo has earned it fame because of Cinchona farming. The culture of this hilly village is very advanced.

Places to Visit: 

Rabindranath Museum : This bungalow is engulfed with memory of Rabindranath Tagore. He spent some memorable years in this bungalow within his lifetime.

Rabindranath Museum

House of Praise Church: 
Travelers can have a pray to Lord Jesus by visiting this holy place.


Chuli Thumka : A famous Hindu Religious temple, situated at an altitude of 3332 ft above sea level.

Gumpha Dhara : It is one of the spiritual place for Buddhist where they meditate for a long time in solitude.

Dinchen Chrope Choling GumpaOne of the famous Tibetan Monastery built by Dichen Rinpoche.

Dinchen Chorpe Choling Gumpha

Teray Vhir:   Best place to cherish the beauty of nature of Mungpoo and its surrounding. Also the Orchards of Orange are beauty of nature to cherish.

Orchard of orange

Hotels at to stay at Mungpoo : There are a good no of Budgeted Hotels at Mungpoo to spend some adventurous days over there, such as Crystal Palace, Himalayan Resort, Hotel Apsara and many more.

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